Traditional Brazilian Dances Classes

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The classes are focus in searching the spirit of Brazil, the Brazilian movement based on race mixing of Brazil. A class where each meeting is a cause for celebration, where freedom of movement is the key word and diversity of dance reflects the roots of the people “Brazuca”, not to mention opportunity to “Caetano, Buarque, Gil, Gal, Elis” and other voices the musical world as blessed by God. Brazilian Dances classes are much more than a method of dance, is a contemplation of the united tradition of what is most current at the Brazilian, so relax and playful, put aside the stress of the day to day, fraternizing with the expression in the body leading to an energy joy and relaxation.

Traditional Brazilian Dances with Clo Mudrik – 8 weeks – Course 1

Dates TBC

The workshops will introduced people/dancers throughout traditional Brazilian Dances using the history and geography of Brazil.

Course One:

Frevo:the word Frevo, derived from frever (boil) refers to the carnival and street dance hall, essentially rhythmic, in duple and progress faster than marching from Rio, and in which the dancers (dancers) perform individual choreography, improvisation and frenetic.
Coco: folk dance wheel northern and northeastern Brazil, originating Alagoas, accompanied by singing and percussion. Believed to have been born beaches, hence its name. The pace has undergone several changes with the appearance of the caatingas baião and harsh. As a composer who popularised the rhythm can cite Jackson do Pandeiro.
Caboclinho is a folk dance performed during Carnival, in northeastern Brazil, costumed groups of Indians, with colourful headdresses, feather adornments on the strap and ankles, collars, represent hunting scenes and combat.
Course Cost: $160 – Prepayment essential to secure booking – One workshop only. Numbers strictly limited.
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