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 Born 12th of March 1970 in São Paulo-SP Brazil








Clo Mudrik is researching Traditional Dances and Rhythms since 1981 after doing years of competitive gymnastics and Laban Technique of Body Expression she got in touch with Capoeira and through the “Brazilian Martial Art” she traveled many countries performing and teaching Capoeira, Samba, Maculelê and Puxada-de-Rede. The intense training and immersion in the Capoeira world took Clo to discover the afro-religion Candomblé and the community world of Samba being part of several Samba’s Schools (Tom Maior, Pérola Negra, Gaviões da Fiel in São Paulo), when studying Physical Education at the University of Sao Paulo and took part of Folk groups( Boi do Morro do Querosene, Teacher Tião Carvalho, Antonio Nóbrega) leading to an involvement with a local and cultural community in São Paulo. The passion for the movement led Clo to Acrobático Fratelli’s Circus School where she found herself in a magic world of Circus and getting in touch with different types of artistic expressions(Contact Improvisation Jams Sessions, Physical Theatre, New Dance) and gave her the chance to perform with other companies around the world( La Fura Dels Baus, Marragekus, Stalker Theatre).
Clo Mudrik lived in New Zealand for 10 years where she started teaching Capoeira and Traditional Brazilian Dances, organizing the wing of dancers of Wellington Batucada and since 2008 producing Festivals of Brazilian Culture (Live Brazil Festival and Festival Brazil), teaching workshops in Festivals such as WOMAD, Capital E, Capoeira Brazil Festival, Jambalaya, Parihaka, Rhymes and Vines) performing shows of Brazilian music in radio stations, playing music, singing, dancing, doing props and costumes for Brazealand Band(as part of Brazealand Project) and teaching Circus Skills.
In 2012 Clo moved to Sydney/Australia and taught Circus Skills to the East Gymnastics/Edgecliff where she coaches Artistic Gymnastics for kids and adults, she also worked as Tissu Coach at Umbilico-Space for Movement, she taught Samba classes at Dance Central and run Traditional Brazilian Dances workshops and Private classes.
In December 2017, Clo moved to Adelaide and started her job at South Australian Circus Centre coaching as an Aerials Head Coach(Artist Development Program and Adults), also started the band Terra Brasilis that plays Samba-de-Roda performing and teaching a workshop at Womadelaide 2019 and Forró at Festa Junina 2019.
In January 2020, Clo started a project called ForróLina associated with the dancer Rodrigo Franco with the aim of teaching and educating about Forró dance and its variations to a wide community in Adelaide/South Australia.
ZambaBem Dances seeks to represent the artistic and educational folklore of a country of continental dimensions like Brazil, Clo has a fiery need for search intensely to elaborate an artwork that involve many different arts such as dance, music, theatre, circus and is faithful to an original work with a holistic education of the human being using dance/movement and rhythm, always engaging and researching the rich and popular demonstrations in the Brazilian folklore.

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