About Clo Mudrik

 Born 12th of March 1970 in São Paulo-SP Brazil





Clo Mudrik is researching about Traditional Dances and Rhythms since 1981 after doing years of competitive gymnastics and Laban Technique of Body Expression she got in touch with Capoeira and through the “Brazilian Martial Art” she traveled many countries performing and teaching Capoeira, Samba, Maculele and Puxada-de-Rede. The intense training and immersion in the Capoeira world took Clo to discover the afro-religion Candomble and the community world of Samba being part of several Samba’s Schools (Tom Maior, Perola Negra, Gavioes da Fiel in Sao Paulo), when studying Physical Education at the University of Sao Paulo and took part of Folk groups( Boi do Morro do Querosene, Teacher Tiao Carvalho, Antonio Nobrega) leading to an involvement with a local and cultural community in Sao Paulo. The passion for the movement leaded Clo to Acrobatico Fratelli’s Circus School where she found herself in a magic world of Circus and getting in touch with different types of artistic expressions(Contact Improvisation Jams Sessions, Physical Theatre, New Dance) and gave her the chance to perform with other companies around the world( La Fura Dels Baus, Marragekus, Stalker Theatre).

Clo Mudrik lived in New Zealand for 10 years where she started teaching Capoeira and Traditional Brazilian Dances, organizing the wing of dancers of Wellington Batucada and since 2008 producing Festivals of Brazilian Culture (Live Brazil Festival and Festival Brazil), teaching workshops in Festivals such as WOMAD, Capital E, Capoeira Brazil Festival, Jambalaya, Parihaka, Rhymes and Vines) performing shows of Brazilian music in radio stations, playing music, singing, dancing, doing props and costumes for Brazealand Band(as part of Brazealand Project) and teaching Circus Skills.

Since 2012 living in Sydney/Australia,Clo started introducing Circus Skills to the East Gymnastics where she coaches Artistic Gymnastics for kids and adults,she also runs Forro workshops and Private classes.

ZambaBem Dances seeks to represent the artistic and educational folklore of a country of continental dimensions like Brazil, Clo has a fiery need for search intensely to elaborate an artwork that involve many different arts such as dance, music, theater and circus and is faithful to an original work with a holistic education of the human being using dance/movement and rhythm, always engaging and researching the rich and popular demonstrations in the Brazilian folklore.


· Bachelor Degree in Physical Education from the University of São Paulo, Brazil (April 1995).NZQA Level8 and IELTS score Academic 7.0

· Post graduate diploma in Teaching from the University of São Paulo, Brazil (April 1995).

-Degree in Physical Therapy from the Brazilian School of Euthony of Gerda Alexander São Paulo, Brazil (December 1992).

· Certificate in Teacher from the Policenter Association of Capoeira (Projete Liberdade, São Paulo, Brazil)(December 1993).

· Certificate in Trapeze Acrobat from Acrobatico Fratelli’s Circus School and Regional Labour Office/São Paulo, Brazil (August 2000).

· Certificate in Comprehensive First Aid Course, Wellington NZ;

· Certificate in Swim Instructor for the Lotto Swim Safe Learn to Swim, Wellington NZ;

– Certificate in Nutrition from Health Academy Australia;

– Women’s Gymnastics Intermediate Coach-Gymnastics Australia;

– Fitness 3 and 4 Certification:in course.

Work Experience

– Gymnastics Coach at East Gymnastics(Australia);

Private Nutritional Educator;

– KIDICORP  Education and Care Centre:Early Childhood Reliever Teacher(NZ);

ZambaBem Traditional Brazilian Dances Company director;

-Producer of Live Brazil Festival (http://livebrazilfestival.wordpress.com/);

-Brand Ambassador and producer at ESTADIO-Centro Cultural and Gastronomico(17-19,Blair St.);

-Show Afro-Sambas from Baden Powel Led by Julie Bevan the concert will comprise local singers, musicians and dancers.

July 2008-May 2010: Kelburn Normal School

-Teacher Aide, responsible for Lexia Programs, Spelling and Maths;

-Brazealand Band May 2008 Southern Cross Bar,Isa Rovo,Alex Eden,ze Leal,Taciano Milfont,Charles Berrie and Clo Mudrik

-April 2008-January 2010:Brazealand Band Traditional Brazilian Rhythms and Dances.

-Backing Vocals, Ganza player, Costume and Performance Designer;


March 2004- Present: ZambaBem Traditional Brazilian Rhythms and Dances

-Samba Performer;

-Cuba St. Carnival; Corporate gigs, Becks Beer Advertisement;

-Teacher and Choreographer of Brazilian Dances and Samba;

-Costumers Designer;

Fev.2006-Present: Wellington Circus Trust

-Trustee, Performer and Tutor of Acrobalance, Aerials and Circus for kids;

Fev.2007- October 2007: South Wellington Intermediate School

-Teacher aide;

July 2006-April 2007: Te Papa Tongarewa Museum

-Casual Discovery Center Host.

Dec. 2004 – July 2009: Wellington City Council

-Aquatic Education/Aqua-fit Instructor

-Swim Fit, Aqua-fit and Ezy-movers. -School groups (classes and assessments). -Aquatics Instruction in: snorkelling, special needs private, flip ball. -Casual Lifeguard;

-Administration helper;

Aug. 2003 –Present: Capoeira Pasifika-Mandinga Aotearoa (Wgtn)

Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa

-Capoeira Teacher e performer;

Jan. 1991-1996: Capoeira Policenter

Rec. Centre of the University of Sao Paulo (CEPEUSP)

-Teacher of Capoeira and Performer in Brazil, Argentina, Spain,

France and Japan.

Sept. 2003 – July 2004: Fit Kids Tawa(NZ)

-Gymnastics Coach.

May 2004-March 2005: Wellington Performing Arts Centre

-Physical Training Tutor.

Jan. 2003- Aug. 2003: Theatre School of Santo Andre (BR)

-Physical Training Tutor -Teaching physical training for actors in the first year of the professional course of Acting;

May 1993-Aug. 2003: Theatre Groups (SP)

-Physical Training Tutor/Personal Trainer;

-Theatre Groups: Circodelico, Pulomelu Theatre Group, CIA. Circo Minimo,Acrobatico Fratelli,Central do Circo,Barata Albina Theatre Group,T.S.O(Argentina),Teatro da Vertigem. -teaching and training actors in Capoeira, Acrobatics Skills, Stretching, Aerial Skills, Euthony of Gerda Alexander;

Jan. 1991- Aug. 2004: High School Oswald de Andrade -SP

-School Teacher (P.E. and research);

-Teaching Capoeira and Circus Skills (in P.E.) for Intermediate and High School. -Orientation for students to work with Community and Street kids. -Teaching Research and Projects for year eight;

-Teacher of Special Needs kids;

Feb. 1994- Dec.2002: Theatre/Circus Companies (SP)

-Executive Manager -Theatre/Circus groups: Acrobatico Fratelli, Circodelico, Cia.Circo Minimo and Loira Cerrotti’s Scenography Company. -Stalker Theatre Marragekus-Australia(Cultura Inglesa’s Festival 2002);

-Programme and event management(shows);

-Staff and contract management;

-Business planning and Sponsorship.

Radio Experience:

1993:Radio Show “La Onda Trapical” in Sevilla(Spain).

-1994:Composing soundtracks and voice for T.S.O. Physical Theatre Compoany(Argentina);

-1995:Radio Show “La Onda Tropical” in Granada(Spain);

-1995-1997:Dj in Raves and parties in São Paulo(Brazil);

-1998:Composing Soundtracks for Cia. Circodelico(Sao Paulo/Brazil); -2000:Dj em parceria com Dj Levi Foster em festas em Sydney(Australia);

-2007:Radio Show “Sangre Latino” Vic Uni Radio(Wellington/NZ);

-2008:Radio Show “Oye Latino-La Otra Edicion” Acess Radio(Wellington/NZ)_

Stunt/Dancer TV  Work:

-TV Show “Sandy e Jr” (Sao Paulo/Brazil);

-Adds campaigns:Amil,Banco Real,C & A,Neston(Sao Paulo/Brazil);

-Add Becks Beer(Wellington/NZ/UK);

-Opening TV Show “The Living Room”(NZ);

-Video Clip “Sambassadors”(NZ);

Published Articles

-Articles about Capoeira and Fitness (Brazilian magazines “Querida” , “Boa Forma” and “Forma Fisica”).

-Articles about Teenagers and Physical Education (Brazilian magazine “Capricho”).

-Articles and presentation about Capoeira and Circus Skills in Physical Education in the Congresses of GRUPO (Group of Private Schools of São Paulo, Brazil).


Ashtanga Yoga(7 years);

Acroyoga(10 years);

– Contact Improvisation(20 years);

– Aikido(8 years);

– Gardening and Permaculture;

– Nutrition and Cooking.


-Rosina Van Der Aa: business partner at ESTADIO Centro Cultural Gastronomico cubanfusion@yahoo.com

-Mike Debney: Principal of South Wellington Intermediate School

(04) 9399870

-Royce Williams: Manager of Karori Pool (04) 4765402

-Justine McDonald: Principal Kelburn Normal School


(Further referees available upon request)