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ZambaBem Team Dancing
Organizations look for Team activities for a range of reasons. Sometimes just for a fun get together or reward, others to build a bond and at the other end of the spectrum, to attempt to breakdown barriers between other Teams, work colleagues, supervisors or managers.
Team Dancing differs from all those other Team Building activities that ‘try to make something from nothing’ and that have been ‘done to death’. It’s indoor, it’s flexible – ZambaBem Dance programs can be done at a conference venue, your workplace or Dance Studio in a CBD location.
Not only does it help workplace performance, it’s holistic in nature. Participants can develop further skill, self-esteem and confidence by continuing dancing as a social activity.
Who chooses the activity? At the heart of teamwork is consideration, consensus, compromise and ‘sacrificing’ personal considerations for those of the majority. If a Team member or a minority put their personal likes and dislikes ahead of the majority, it’s a good indicator of those who may restrict and negatively impact on the growth and development of the Team.
ZambaBem corporate dance programs aim to develop work teams by enhancing communication, relationships, self-esteem and social awareness. Corporate members will strengthen key skills as they listen, learn, persevere, perform and encourage in a relaxed fun-filled environment. Partnership dancing is one of the most effective methods to build trust in the work community and develop a greater team spirit. Obviously this kind of improvement will translate to greater productivity, increased profits and a positive caring work environment.

Aims and Objectives
The programs are completely flexible. The similarities of the work environment can be built into certain dance activities tailoring a program to your goals and objectives. E.g. A sales type environment may involve some competition dancing between staff members towards the end of the program. Corporate team members will learn to confidently perform Traditional Brazilian Dances.
During this process your staff will learn to trust their manager, supervisor or coach and team leaders will learn to operate on the same level as regular employees, resulting in improved communication and relationships amongst all staff members.

Broad Objectives:
• Enhance team trust
• Perseverance
• Resolve team conflict
• Problem solving skills
• Communication
• Building of team confidence and esteem
• Build Friendships
• Fitness
• Social Awareness
• Fun

Types of Programs:

-Half Day(can be done on mornings)
• 2.15 pm-2.25 pm: Welcome and explanation of aims and objectives
• 2.25 pm-2.35 pm: Gentle warm-up
• 2.35 pm-2.55 pm: Introduction of dance steps
• 2.55 pm-3.00 pm: Five minute drink break.
• 3.00 pm-3.20 pm: Dance Exercise: Leading and Following ) if partner dance), balance, communication, body language and focus.
• 3.20 pm-3.35 pm: Team Building: Swapping of partners, dance challenge.
• 3.35 pm-4.45 pm: Application to business.
• 4.45 pm-5.00 pm: Warm down and exit.

-Consecutive Program
The program operates for 6 Consecutive weeks with classes running for 1.5 hours in duration. Classes occur on a week day that suits the organization most from 2:15pm-3:45pm or mornings.
• 2.15pm-2.25pm: Welcome and explanation of aims and objectives
• 2.25pm-2.35pm: Gentle warm-up
• 2.35pm-2.55pm: Introduction of dance steps
• 2.55pm-3.00pm: Five minute drink break.
• 3.00pm-3.20pm: Dance Exercise: Leading and Following(when partner dance), balance, communication, body language and focus.
• 3.20pm-3.35pm: Team Building : Swapping of partners, dance challenge.
• 3.35pm-3.45pm: Application to business.


For those wanting a more personal teaching experience, ZambaBem offers private tuition to individuals and couples of all abilities, including preparation for special events such as the first dance at your wedding or important business dinner dances.

Why not consider booking us for your private party or corporate event, to give your occasion something special…

We cater for all sorts of occasions such as hen parties, conferences, team-building, birthday parties, school visits, social occasions and many other events


The aim of all the ZambaBem workshops is primarily to have fun, so they’re designed with laughter and encouragement in mind. They won’t make you a master performer by the end of the two-hours period but you will, hopefully, have enjoyed the social atmosphere, raised your heart rate, listened to some fabulous music, and had a lot to smile about.

All the workshops are two-hours(minimum) long, but other lengths of time can be catered for. There is one teacher per workshop unless otherwise stated. (To book a workshop you will need to provide a suitable venue and group of people. If you simply want to join in and aren’t booking for a group occasion, see under ‘Classes’ or ‘Events’ sections for further details).

TAILOR-MADE WORKSHOPS We will always try and tailor a workshop to your needs, so please ask. You can mix and match types of Brazilian Dances/Circus or even ask for choreography to a music track of your choice.


There are several weekly Every Dance classes, but they are in closed groups. For events open to the general public please see our “Classes” sections.


Private lessons are available for individuals or couples.


For information about the cost of various workshops, classes and events, please contact Clo Mudrik(, as these charges depend upon the duration of the event, the number of teachers and/or performers, travel expenses etc.

For styles of Traditional Brazilian Dances check :

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