TELECOTECO-the story of Samba through  a woman’s heart!

Over the last few years the Brazilian-New Zealand connection has strengthened not only culturally, but also in areas of trade, economy, and tourism.  Samba has a great appeal which attracts and unites people from culturally diverse backgrounds.  The rhythm of the music and movements in the dance can be understood and felt by everyone even when language may divide them.

Through playing and dancing Samba together there is an incredible cultural exchange, and Telecoteco looks specifically at how women are brought together in this environment.  Telecoteco acknowledges this exchange, by including a mixture of women from Brazil and other cultures in the performance who all share this mutual interest in music and dance.  We hope to demonstrate the universality of women across the globe who are all capable of relating to each other through movement.

‘Telecoteco tells the story of the history of Samba, narrated through performance.  Samba has evolved over time, influenced by Brazil’s rich history.  New Zealand and Brazil share a common thread in that they both have a history dominated by colonization.  In Brazil this mix of cultures has shaped the development of Samba.  What began as a male dominated environment, where the men played instruments while the women danced, has now become something quite empowering to women.

Samba is distinctly Brazilian, with a unique culture quite different from other Latin American art forms.  This performance will make people more aware of the origins of Samba, and its context in Brazilian culture.

Choreography: Clo Mudrik and Dancers

Soundtrack: Clo Mudrik

Costumes: Clo Mudrik

ZambaBem Dance Company:

-Clo Mudrik(Brazil/NZ);

-Fabiola Stevenson(Brazil/NZ);

-Pollyanne Diniz(Brazil);

-Ewa Kusmierczyk(Poland);

-Ethel Taylor(USA/NZ);

-Hillary Mitchell(USA/NZ);

-Amane Shiohara(Japan);

-Larissa Kus(Estonia);

-Emmy Lennevald(Sweden);

– Monique Leerschool(Holand/NZ);


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